Sunday, March 25, 2007


Infidel Mike's computer was hacked. Because of this, we can't trust Frank, his friends and a few other visitors from our old blog.

We were simply making a parody of Frank's blog but now they're pretending to be Mike with Miguel De Alba's Blog. Also, Frank, or a friend of his, probably hacked Mike's computer.

Even though we were not pretending to be anybody, the Miguel De Alba's Blog author is pretending to be Mike and posting comments as Mike (with the name Miguel De Alba) on Frank's blog.

Also, they are going through Mike's MySpace blogs, they copied and pasted them.

When you read the blogs from Miguel De Alba's Blog, it starts to become really obvious that the author is Frank. Simply by reading the commentary added on "Frank's latest blog posts".

Back in January, Frank Walton posted a blog called "More proof that the Rational Response Squad have idiots as members".

There are only two comments (from Mike and Frank).

Frank decided to copy and paste the "Frank Walton's latest blogs" from our "Atheism Sucks!" Sucks blog and added his commentary.

When Mike wrote on his MySpace blog that Frank provided a bad link that was supposed to go to Mike's original MySpace blog about Frank, Mr. Walton (pretending to be Mike) wrote that people have said that the link went straight to Mike's blog...

(Funny thing is that people have said it went straight to his blog. So, I'm just making this up to make Frank look stupid.)
Here is the print screen shot of it.

He wrote the words "his blog" as if it were referring to Mike, which is weird...because the author wants people to think that Mike is the author of Miguel De Alba's Blog (as you will see.)

But remember, Mike wrote a while back that Frank was the one that didn't give a good link that was supposed to go straight to Mike's blog.

Another thing, where did people say that the link worked? The only 2 comments from the "More Proof" are from Mike and Frank. That's it. Nobody mentions anything about the links or about the blog, at all. (Look at the screen shot.)

Also, how did the author of Miguel De Alba's Blog know that people have said that the link went straight to Mike's blog?

If Frank isn't the author of Miguel De Alba's Blog, then the person who wrote the blog must have asked Frank if people were having problems with the link Frank provided. If this is true, then that means that Frank knew that the author was going to post a blog about it at Miguel De Alba's Blog and it's proof that Frank knows that Infidel Mike is not the author of Miguel De Alba's Blog.

Frank's "friend", Beast Rabban doesn't seem to know about Miguel De Alba's Blog. Then Beast Rabban asks if Mike is really a member of the RRS in this screen shot.

In the next screen shot, people are convinced that it's really Mike.

Frank responds with "Wow, you're trippin.." in order to make it look like he's actually talking to Mike.

Even though Frank told Mike in a message on MySpace that the blog is not Frank's, but Frank knew about it and Frank claimed it was somebody else...

Looks like Frank really wants people to think that it's Mike.

Here are more screen shots.

And Frank responds.

If Frank is not the author of Miguel De Alba Blogs, he seems to be letting the author have fun by pretending to be Mike and posting comments on the Atheism Sucks! blog.

Do you think Frank is dishonest or mentally insane?

Thanks for reading.